Welcome to Valeria!

Welcome to Valeria Alion!

Dedicated to everything Valeria! 

About Us

We are a group of valerian enthusiasts who want to show you the magic of valeria. Our mission is to bring valeria to the world!

Notable Members:

Skely2, Blitz_viben


BirchTree1205/ Buraeu

Gassy Lord,  Fart Attack1


Gamerdog 5




Updates 6/11/2024: Will be returning from realms to Servers for Real Valeria, Be on look out for ip address update (Will need password to view)

Updates 4/26/2024: Added Wartopia map and changed to unmined display (replaced papyruscs)

Updates 4/24/2024: Wartopia as usual is hosted on this server: and is bedrock only!